Greenhouse Gas

Multiple state, provinces, and regional programs as well as voluntary programs require third-party verification of an organization’s greenhouse gas emissions. These programs define specific monitoring and measurement criteria used in calculating an inventory.

AWM was one of the first accredited verification bodies and completed the first verified greenhouse emission inventory for The Climate Registry in 2008.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has affirmed that AWM meets the ANSI accreditation program requirements and those set forth in ISO 14065 and ISO 14064-3.

This accreditation covers programs within the following:

  • Verification of assertions related to GHG organizations and removals at the organizational level

This accreditation covers the following Sectoral Scopes:

  • Group 1- General
  • Group 2- Manufacturing
  • Group 3- Power Generation
  • Group 4- Electric Power Transactions
  • Group 5- Mining and Mineral Production
  • Group 6- Metals Production
  • Group 7- Chemical Production
  • Group 8- Oil and gas extraction, production and refining including petrochemicals
  • Group 9- Waste

AWM’s Certificate of Accreditation for Greenhouse Gas Verification may be made available upon request.

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