Client Rights & Duties

AWM has separate sets of rights and duties based upon the service being provided.

For management systems audits: The Certification Rights and Duties describe the audit process; processes for granting and maintaining certification; process for suspending certification; withdrawing certification and recertification; information about fees; client responsibilities; the appeals and complaints process; the use of the AWM certification mark, references to certification, short-notice audits, and the confidentiality policy.

Download the Certification Rights and Duties

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For GHG verifications: The Verification Rights and Duties describe AWM's approach to the verification process; changes to programs that may affect the objectives of the verification; scheduling; verification team members; fees and payment; use of the AWM mark, statements taken from the GHG assertion; the appeals and complaints process; and client responsibilities.

Download the Verification Rights and Duties

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Anyone from the public is also welcome to contact AWM to initiate a complaint. The specific procedure for initiating a complaint can be provided upon request.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please contact us.