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Environmental Site Evaluations

For property owners and prospective buyers or lenders, AWM has conducted site evaluations in the United States from coast to coast, and in overseas locations. A multidisciplinary team of engineers, chemists, geologists and regulatory specialists can rapidly provide the expertise and experience to meet clients needs.

AWM follows a phased approach to site evaluations, to minimize initial costs and to give the client an opportunity to reconsider his needs at an early stage. The initial site overview consists of records review, visual site inspection, interviews with knowledgeable parties, and limited sampling.

If any evidence of spilled or buried wastes, asbestos problems, groundwater contamination, or regulatory non-compliance is discovered, a plan for further investigation and correction of unacceptable conditions is proposed as phase II. Phase III investigations address the containment or cleanup of contamination.

Preliminary Evaluation
AWM conducts a preliminary evaluation to minimize initial costs and gives the client the opportunity to reconsider his needs at an early stage.

Sampling and Analysis
AWM develops and implements sampling and analysis programs should a preliminary assessment indicate a potential contamination problem.

Assessment and Remedial Actions
AWM develops contamination assessment and remedial action plans to facilitate cleanup of properties prior to the loan application process.