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General Verification Process

AWMS utilizes the approach outlined in ISO 14065:2007 to perform greenhouse gas verifications. Specifically this approach entails:

  1. Pre-Engagement – This phase primarily consists of identification of conflict-of-interest and internal assignment of resources by AWMS. Steps for the client include completion of the Verification Application; steps for AWMS include assessing potential conflicts-of-interest and determination of adequate resources; and steps for both the client and AWMS include completion of the Verification Agreement. During this phase AWMS will also provide the client a detailed description of the verification process. Please be aware that in the case of TCR verifications, approval of the Case-Specific Conflict of Interest Assessment can take up to three weeks per the General Verification Protocol.
  2. Approach – This phase primarily involves the development and finalization of the Verification Plan. The Verification Plan specifies information such as the verification team, the scope of the verification, and the verification schedule. This phase also includes the Kick-Off Meeting and in the case of a TCR verification AWMS’ submittal of the required Notification of Verification Activities. Please be aware that TCR approval of the Notification of Verification Activities can take up to three weeks per the General Verification Protocol.
  3. Verification – This phase involves the actual verification activities. Two steps are involved in a verification: the Desk Audit and the On-Site Verification. The Desk Audit is performed remotely utilizing information provided by the client. The client will be provided a list of information required by AWMS. The results of this Desk Audit shall form the basis for conducting a risk assessment which is the determining factor in which sites will be visited for the On-Site Verification. This phase of the verification also includes the AWMS verification team completing a verification report.
  4. Verification Statement – This phase involves the Technical Review of the Verification Report by an AWMS Lead Verifier. Upon successful review AWMS will issue a verification statement.