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GHG Experience

AWM has a vast amount of experience in the field of GHG emissions inventories. AWM has performed emissions inventories for a wide variety of industries, including examples such as power plants, manufacturing plants, and municipal entities. In addition, AWM staff has been performing projects in the fields of energy efficiency, energy recovery, environment protection, and waste minimization since 1975.

Environmental Background

Our company is specialized in environmental issues. We have in progress or have completed projects in sixteen countries and have observed how important GHG issues have become. We have also performed hundreds of environmental audits for industrial, commercial, and government organizations since 1985. Our extensive experience in environmental forensics and court testimony keeps us sensitive to the legal ramifications of audit programs.

Management Systems Experience

AWM was one of the first five ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems Standard) registrars accredited under the ANSI-RAB National Accreditation Program. As a registrar for ISO 14001 AWM has experience in auditing GHG data collection systems, metrology maintenance systems, and detailed knowledge of potential GHG sinks and reservoirs. In addition, AWM has extensive experience in the OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety Management Systems standard) which provides another layer to our operational familiarity. To review the extensive list of registered clients please visit www.awm.net.

Approach to Verification

AWM strongly believes that the verification process is a team experience. During any audit the organization is strongly encouraged to voice any questions, concerns, or differences. We encourage you to contact any AWM registered company to seek their perspective on this cooperative atmosphere. Contact information of our registered clients may be found at www.awm.net.

Reliability and Continuity

AWM does not engage in any form of consulting which helps ensure the highest level of reliability in our verifications. In addition, AWM does not utilize any contracted verifiers. This practice provides a high level of continuity in the performance of verifications, allowing our clients to prepare for a consistent experience.

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The Climate Registry

AWM is an accredited verifier for The Climate Registry.
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The Climate Registry