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U.S. Trade and Development Agency

Projects in the Phillipines, Malasia, South Korea, Indonesia and the United States

  • Water supply and island landfill evaluations
  • Solid waste landfill and incinerator projects, Project audits
  • Investigation of the market potential for sales of U.S. pollution control technology in various foreign countries
  • Investigation of the hazardous waste disposal problem in Indonesia and related opportunities for U.S. businesses
  • Identification of U.S. pollution control opportunities and markets for the protection of the Philippines’ Laguna Lake from industrial waste pollution
  • Selection and recruitment of 10 technology industries to present U.S. capabilities to a meeting of seven Asian industrial nations

The World Bank

Projects in the United States, Belgium, Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic, and Belarus

  • Regional hazardous waste management facility conceptual design
  • Waste stream definition
  • Hazardous waste reduction and recycling
  • Evaluation of national needs for industrial and solid waste management financing
  • Specifications and conceptual design of light mobile incinerator
  • Sector study on hazardous waste management needs for Czechoslovakia in cooperation with European Economic Community
  • Prepared reports based on company experience in regional hazardous waste management facility conceptual design

Other Agencies

Projects in the United States, Belarus, Hungary

  • United Nations / Miskolc, Hungary : Engineering of metals sludge detoxification pilot plant
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (Paris) / Minsk, Belarus / OECD/Commonwealth of Independent States Hazardous Waste Workshop
  • World Environment Center / Hungary / Assistance visit for hazwaste cleanup at three chemical companies
  • Rene Dubos Institute / New York, NY / Served on international panel reporting to U.N. General Assembly concerning international hazardous waste management


Countries in which we have completed projects.

  • United States
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Hungary
  • Jordan
  • Mexico
  • Korea
  • Belarus
  • Czech Republic / Czechoslovakia
  • Argentina
  • Romania
  • Belgium
  • People’s Republic of China
  • Taiwan
  • Turkey
  • Hong Kong
  • United Kingdom
  • Bolivia
  • Canada
  • Ecuador
  • Israel

Government Projects

Projects at all levels of foreign and domestic governments

  • Government / Quito, Ecuador
    Siting of waste-to-ethanol plant
  • Government / Eilat, Israel
    Bilge water treatment
  • United Nations / Miskolc, Hungary
    Completed engineering of metals sludge detoxification plant
  • Government / Bohol, Philippines
    Potable water supply
  • Government / Vera Cruz, Mexico
  • Czech Ministry of Defense / Vyskov
    Deliver keynote speech
  • Municipality / Tennessee
    Asbestos survey for urban renewal project
  • East Kalimantan Provincial Government / Indonesia
    Evaluate proposed central hazardous waste project plan
  • U.S. State Department / Czechoslovakia
    Prepare scopes-of-work and budgets for three hazardous waste cleanup projects; secure consensus from Czech Ministries on next FY environmental priorities
  • Czechoslovakia / Bohemia
    Study of four hazardous waste sites urgently needing remediation
  • FEMA / Washington, D.C.
    Develop concepts for expedient restoration of sewer and drinking water systems after disaster
  • People’s Republic of China / Luo Shan
    Define scope of work and budget for pollution control of gold mines and associated industries
  • City of Chattanooga / Tennessee
    Provide industrial hygiene and environmental services for sewer pipe trenching through hazardous waste spill area
  • Eglin Air Force Base / Florida
    Assess underground storage tanks and develop a long term management strategy
  • Department of Energy / Oak Ridge, TN
    Provide technical guidance concerning closure of USTs containing hazardous waste, TRU wastes, and radioactive wastes
  • Provincial Government / Turkey
    Presented concepts for municipal solid waste management and regional emergency response planning
  • U.S. Navy / Nationwide
    Recommended national hazardous waste management strategic plan
  • USAF / Nationwide
    Defined hazardous waste streams, identified appropriate treatment technology, and recommended hazardous process changes for air logistics centers
  • Tennessee / Chattanooga
    On own initiative, secured industrial trade delegation from Taiwan to Chattanooga - Helped arrange participation by governor’s staff, local leaders, U.S. congress people, and Agencies
  • U.S. State Department / Taiwan
    Defined the scope of work for a feasibility study of municipal solid waste incineration in Kaohsiung and other areas

Commercial Projects

Projects both foreign and domestic

  • Environmental site assessments
  • Permit preparation
  • Compliance assistance
  • Evaluate contamination levels at heavy industrial site proposed for sale
  • Emergency assistance to client facility experiencing hydrocarbon fumes
  • Prime contractor for preparation of business plan for hazardous waste management venture
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Preparation of remedial action plans
  • Respirator training
  • Stormwater plans
  • RCRA compliance
  • Prime contractor on sludge recycling project
  • Evaluate technology
  • Due diligence investigation
  • Superfund cleanup planning and execution
  • Prime contractor for process development and engineering of plating waste plant
  • Prepare storm water spill control plans, waste minimization, organize safety committees
  • Completed SARA III reporting
  • Completed Storm water runoff reporting
  • Developed and implemented pollution prevention plan
  • Designed SPCFC plan
  • Prepared hazard communications plan
  • Conducted employee training for workplace hazards
  • Perform sector study for industrial waste management financial needs
  • Evaluate galvanic sludge management
  • Recommend options for contamination assessment prepurchase of large property tract
  • Gain preliminary approval for U.S.-made RDF/recycling plant for large city
  • Assist U.S.-owned company to expand CSFR operations into environmental remediation
  • Manage vendor/purchaser negotiations for new industrial wastewater treatment processes
  • Assess radon levels prior to real estate sales
  • Hazardous waste remediation
  • Business development consultation—environment
  • Feasibility study and conceptual design of facility to recover metals from galvanic sludges
  • Environmental surveys of six large bulk storage facilities
  • Clean closure of waste facility, SARA III, cleanup of waste spills, various compliance actions
  • 10 day response to EPA PRP inquiry
  • Represented technical objections to superfund listing before State Rule-making body - - Case won
  • Environmental survey and ground-water monitoring at petroleum bulk storage facility
  • Provide technical expertise to detect leaks and develop remedial actions from petroleum storage tanks
  • Conducted indoor Air Surveys for toxic and irritating indoor air contaminants
  • Conducted radon surveys using continuous radon monitoring instruments
  • Consulted on multi-hospital infectious waste management
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) services including leak detection, soil and groundwater investigation, regulatory negotiation, and remedial action plans
  • Overseas project to perform island wide evaluation of needs for municipal solid waste incineration
  • Designed site industrial wastewater treatment
  • In cooperation with Joint Venture partner, conducted environmental health and safety audit of a major medical research facility, including chemical, radiological, and waste handling - Aided client in designing and implementing new policies and procedures
  • Development and maintenance of corporate hazard communication, hazardous materials management, and Community Right-to-Know programs for multi-state industries
  • Assisted private sector company with radioactive waste management
  • Assisted client in response to compliance action show-cause - No fines imposed
  • Sourcing and technical support for national hazardous waste program
  • Make short-notice alterations to industrial waste-water treatment system to adjust to changing discharge
  • Investigated the extent of the hazardous waste disposal problem in Taiwan - - - Recommendations provided concerning needs and opportunities for U. S. Businesses
  • Served as Insurance Company consulting engineers in the area of hazardous waste and materials management - - Prepared PCB Management Manual
  • Characterized waste streams, selected treatment technologies and prepared management of mixed radioactive and chemically hazardous waste
  • On invitation, presented concept for a regional waste management facility in Korea
  • Project audit of water supply project proposal
  • Evaluate technical proposal for Indonesia national environmental data management system

Law Firms

Projects in both consulting and testimony

  • Forensic / expert witness services
  • Pollution migration assessment
  • Environmental damage assessment
  • Water pollution assessment
  • Expert witness on PCB contamination
  • Expert witness on groundwater and airborne contamination
  • Expert witness on Superfund case
  • Expert witness on landfill case
  • Industrial contamination
  • Incidents involving hazardous materials
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Surface water contamination