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Active ISO 14001 Clients

Certificate Status Client Scope of Certification

0023 Active BAE Systems Electronic Systems
Merrimack, NH USA

Design, development, production and service of components, subsystems and systems of electronic warfare/electronic protection, electronic information and mission electronics for military and commercial applications.

0030 Active DENSO Manufacturing Tennessee, Inc. (Maryville)
Maryville, TN USA

Design and manufacture of automotive starters, alternators (101), electronic control products (202, 203), and instrument clusters (201).

0034 Active Komatsu America Corporation - Chattanooga Manufacturing Operations
Chattanooga, TN USA

Fabrication, assembly and finishing of earth-moving & forestry equipment, excluding warehouse operations.

0038 Active Republic Metals Corporation & RMC2
Opa-Locka, FL USA

Refining and recycling of precious metals and precious stone recovery.

0042 Active Valicor Environmental Services, LLC
Cincinnati, OH USA

Wastewater pre-treatment, used oil recycling, solidification, container management and Universal Waste Management and Recycling.

0048 Active Great River Energy Coal Creek Station
Underwood, ND USA

The CCS Generating Station, ponds, ash disposal areas, and excluding Dry Fining and related appurtenances.

0053 Active Appvion
West Carrollton, OH USA

Activities related to production of coated paper within the facility property boundaries located at 1030 West Alex Bell Road, West Carrolton, OH 45449 and effluent delivery systems to the Montgomery County Wastewater Treatment Plant.

0065 Active TBDN Tennessee Company
Jackson, TN USA

Manufacture and test of air filter elements, oil filters, cabin air filters, air induction systems, intake manifolds and components.

0073 Active Aaron Oil Company, Inc.
Saraland, AL USA

Collection, reclamation, recycling, disposal, service activities and products associated with used oil, off-specification fuel-only commercial chemical products and petroleum-related materials.

0076 Active JTEKT Automotive Tennessee - Morristown, Inc.
Morristown, TN USA

Production, engineering and sales of automotive power steering system components and drive train products.

0077 Active ARC Automotive, Inc.
Knoxville, TN USA

All operations and processes involved in the manufacture, design, and assembly of automotive air bag inflators.

0080 Active Covanta Dade Renewable Energy, Ltd.
Doral, FL USA

Processing and burning municipal solid waste and producing electricity.

0093 Active Covanta Niagara, L.P.
Niagara Falls, NY USA

0106 Active National Grid
Hicksville, NY USA

Activities, products and services related to the transmission and distribution of electricity and natural gas. The client's service territories include all or part of Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. Business functions within the scope include electric transmission, electric distribution operations, electric construction, electric substation maintenance, gas distribution operations, gas LNG operations, project management and complex construction, electric and/or gas engineering environmental management, and shared service funtions. (e.g., fleet, store, warehouse, investment recovery). Small scale electricity generation on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts and from small distribute solar are inclued in the scope.

0118 Active Exedy America Corporation
Mascot, TN USA

Manufacture of torque converters and flywheels, assembly of clutches, and tool and die operations.

0119 Active Smith & Nephew, Inc. - Advanced Surgical Devices Division
Memphis, TN USA

The design, development, production, and distribution of non-active orthopedic implants.

0121 Active WaferTech, LLC
Camas, WA USA

Semiconductor manufacturing.

0126 Active San-Ei Seiko America, Inc.
Morristown, TN USA

Manufacture of metal vanes for power steering pumps and traction control coupling components (yokes) and parts for automatic transmissions (AT).

0128 Active Richmond Auto Parts Technology, Inc.
Richmond, KY USA

Manufacture and production of automotive transmission parts.

0143 Active Electric Boat
Groton, CT USA

Design, construction, testing, delivery and repair of submarines and related contracts.

0148 Active Honda of South Carolina Manufacturing, Inc.
Timmonsville, SC USA

Manufacture of ATVs, Side by Sides and components, and manufacture of service parts.

0150 Active DENSO Manufacturing Athens Tennessee, Inc.
Athens, TN USA

Manufacture of automotive components.

0153 Active Bath Iron Works
Bath, ME USA

Ship design, construction and repair.

0156 Active Bay County Waste-to-Energy Facility
Panama City, FL USA

Waste to energy.

0158 Active NCI Manufacturing, Inc.
Scottsboro, AL USA

Manufacture of automotive gaskets, automotive shims

0159 Active Weir Minerals North America (Madison)
Madison, WI USA

Manufacture, test, and repair of horizontal, vertical, and submersible slurry pumps, knife-gate slurry valves, and hydrocyclones.

0164 Active Weir Valves & Controls USA, Inc.
Ipswich, MA USA

Design, manufacture, assembly, and test of valves and flow control equipment.

0168 Active Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation (Savannah)
Savannah, GA USA

Aircraft design, manufacture, and service.

0171 Active The United States Mint at West Point
West Point, NY USA

Manufacture and processing of assay gold, silver, and platinum blanks, burnishing of gold, silver and platinum blanks and stamping of gold, silver and platinum blanks.

0173 Active Bayer HealthCare, LLC
Berkeley, CA USA

Pharmaceutical testing, development, manufacture and packaging of biological products.

0174 Active The United States Mint at Denver
Denver, CO USA

Manufacture of high quality metal coins and medals.

0175 Active The United States Mint at Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA USA

Manufacture of circulating monetary coinage, numismatic coins and dies.

0178 Active Great River Energy - Transmission Division
Maple Grove, MN USA

Operation and maintenance of electrical transmission lines (over 69 kV), not including other Headquarter divisions, vehicle maintenance or USG.

0183 Active Climax Molybdenum
Fort Madison, IA USA

Refining molybdenum disulfide to produce molybdenum products and sulfuric acid and operation of a landfill.

0184 Active Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC
Lincoln, AL USA

Automotive and light truck assembly, engine testing and engine production, excluding American Honda, Norfolk Southern Co., Alabama Power substation operations/facilities, Gulf Shores Assembly and New South Express site operations.

0185 Active Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation (Long Beach)
Long Beach, CA USA

Aircraft completion and service; completion of interiors, avionics and customer requirements for new aircraft delivery; service, maintenance and repair of aircraft; painting aircraft exteriors; and priming and final coat painting.

0187 Active Gestamp Alabama, LLC
McCalla, AL USA

Blanking, stamping components, assembly, shipping and receiving.

0191 Active Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation - Appleton
Appleton, WI USA

Aircraft completions, service and maintenance, refurbishment work, aircraft painting.

0193 Active Enplas USA, Inc.
Marietta, GA USA

Injection molding of various plastics and shipping/receiving.

0194 Active Interiores Aereos S.A. de C.V.
Mexicali, Baja California MEX

The manufacture of avionics, final phase, electrical assemblies, estructural assemblies, fabrication, and machine parts.

0195 Active Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation (Dallas)
Dallas, TX USA

Aircraft completions, service and maintenance, refurbishment work, aircraft painting.

0204 Active JTEKT Automotive South Carolina, Inc.
Piedmont, SC USA

Production, engineering, and sales of automotive components and drive train components.

0206 Active Nuclear Waste Partnership, LLC
Carlsbad, NM USA

All aspects of WIPP operations and activities conducted by the DOE Carlsbad Field Office (CBO) and Nuclear Waste Partnership, LLC (NWP) at the WIPP site and Carlsbad, NM support buildings.

0208 Active Takata Protection Systems Inc.
Pompano Beach, FL USA

All activities and support activities associated with the manufacturing of restraint devices and airbags.

0210 Active Great River Energy Minnesota Generation
Maple Grove, MN USA

Power generation operations and applicable GRE support personnel.

0223 Active Northrop Grumman Corporation (Multi-site)
San Diego, CA USA

Design, development, production and support of fully missionized integrated aircraft and aircraft systems.

0224 Active Avangrid Renewables
Klamath Falls, OR USA

All operations and activities associated with gas fired, electrical and steam generators.

0226 Active Gulfstream Aerospace (Las Vegas)
Las Vegas, NV USA

Aircraft service, repair and support.

0227 Active Gulfstream Aerospace (Westfield)
Westfield, MA USA

Aircraft service, repair and support.

0228 Active Jet Aviation Teterboro, LP
Teterboro, NJ USA

Aircraft servicing including fixed base operations.

0229 Active Jet Aviation of America, Inc. (Bedford)
Bedford, MA USA

Aircraft servicing including aircraft maintenance and fixed base operations.

0230 Active Baltimore Gas & Electric Company
Baltimore, MD USA

Distribution of natural gas and maintenance of a natural gas distribution system, electric distribution and transmission, fleet services and shared services.

0236 Active Eramet Marietta, Inc
Marietta, OH USA

The entire EMI plant from ore receiving to refining and loading of specialty products on trucks destined to our customers. The EMS also includes the AMPO Fly Ash Mound.

0237 Active Jet Aviation Associates, L.P. (WPB)
West Palm Beach, FL USA

Aircraft fixed base operations.

0238 Active Gestamp Chattanooga, LLC
Chattanooga, TN USA

Blanking,stamping components, assembly, shipping and receiving.

0239 Active National Grid Generation
Hicksville, NY USA

Activities, (products and services related to the generation and sale of electric power.  Service territories include Long Island, New York.  Business functions within the scope include Power Plant Operations, Combustion Turbine Operations, Power Engineering, Environmental Management and Shared Service functions (e.g., Stores, Warehouse).

0244 Active Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC
Greensburg, IN USA

Automobile manufacturing with stamping, welding, plastics injection, painting and assembling operations supported with on-site parts distribution center.

0245 Active Honda Transmission Manufacturing of Inc. (Ohio)
Russells Point, OH USA

The manufacture and assembly of automotive drive train products.

0246 Active Jet Aviation Houston
Houston, TX USA

Aircraft fixed base operations.

0247 Active The City of Columbus Department of Public Utilites
Columbus, OH USA

Drinking water source protection, supply, treatment, and delivery; wastewater collection and treatment; biosolids management and reuse; stormwater management; and electric power distribution and street lights.

0249 Active The United States Mint at San Francisco
San Francisco, CA USA

Manufacturing and processing of silver and clad blanks, as well as stamping silver and clad numismatic coins, including packaging.

0261 Active Gestamp WV
South Charleston, WV USA

All operations and activities associated with the manufacture of hot and cold stampings and assemblies of components for the automotive industry.

0264 Active Sapa Extrusions North America
Cressona, PA USA

0266 Active Abbott Structural Heart
Menlo Park, CA USA

Manufacturing of medical devices as well as research and development activities that support Abbott’s Structural Heart business. It contains office space, laboratories, warehouse, and cleanrooms for manufacturing purposes. The chemicals involved or used in our processes include: alcohols, solvents, various laboratory chemicals, cleaning, and maintenance supplies.

0267 Active Abbott Vascular Temecula
Temecula, CA USA

Manufacturing, facilities management, R& D and test laboratories, warehouse and general office space.

0268 Active Abbott Vascular Santa Clara
Santa Clara, CA USA

Facilities Management; Research and Development; and General office Space. The scope excludes commercial (sales) operations and Building C.

0269 Active AbbVie Wyandotte
Wyandotte, MI USA

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

0270 Active JTEKT Walhalla
Walhalla, SC USA

Manufacturing of needle bearings, all processes and assemble of bearings. (Exclusion is remidiation of gtroundwater)

0275 Active Metalsa
Tuscaloosa, AL USA

The scope of the EMS encompasses on-site operations, including the manufacture of Metalsa Tuscaloosa products, site and plant operation and maintenance, and the supporting and administrative functions related to these activities and operations. Also included in the scope are the procedures, programs, documents, and records related to the system. Excluded from the scope of the EMS are those operations not owned or controlled by Metalsa, such as those operations of contractors and suppliers not on the Metalsa Tuscaloosa site.